Rooms - The Main Building

Rooms - The Main Building 1.0

Find the way to reach the main building moving inside of these rooms
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Rooms will challenge your intelligence with a task of finding the exit. Move from one room to another and search for the main building. The main objective of this game is to find the logic of the building and move around the rooms to find the exit and to reach new levels this way. Each level of this game is a new and different challenge, each will confuse you with a new problem. During the game you will discover different things to do, like finding keys to open doors, moving a ladder to move up to some rooms, and finding clues around your journey to get extra bonus points among others. Rooms The Main building is a fun and entertaining simulation where you move a real character around the place. There is just one way to solve each challenge and you must find it. Move around and complete each task in the least time possible. In order to move your character and play, all you need is your mouse - just move it over the place you want to move to, and press left mouse button to move or select an item, collect clues, or move the ladder. That's all, everything else is pure entertainment.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Good challenge


  • Slow action
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